Bouckville Ride

Bouckville Ride

Photos courtesy of Kirk Leszczynski

Kirk's Narrative

Taking advantage of a beautiful day, 6 members of our Chapter left Wild Horse Powersports at 10am for the Madison-Bouckville Antique Show.  We ran into a former member of our group at the Stewart’s outside of Amsterdam.  He was on his new Springfield.  Route 20 heading west is a great historical ride back in time.  The road is in great shape, lots of small towns to stop for a ‘cool off break’, and folks are friendly and eager to talk motorcycles. 


We actually reached Ray’s BBQ, and although it was crowded and there was actually parking compared to the other times I’ve ridden by, we were told it was a 40 – 45 minute wait.  They just didn’t have the staff to handle the customers.  Riding back into the antique show, we found a BBQ food truck and Seafood truck right next to it.  This worked out fantastic, as the pulled pork and beef brisket received rave reviews, and the salmon burgers were getting kudos from that side of the table!  The owner came out and talked with us a bit, even apologizing for the high prices, ‘the costs of meat are going up!’ 


After we headed into the tents of the show, which was truly antique overload.  It looked like everyone emptied out their parents and grandparents houses, garages, sheds, etc.  It was a benefit that we came on bikes, since we would have been heading back with our trucks full.  It turns out this is a preliminary event for the ‘main event’ in August, and I know a few of our members are interested in heading back for that.


Another great ride home, round trip I logged 219 miles.