Southeast Iron Butt Tour

Southeast Iron Butt Tour

Photos courtesy of Kirk Leszczynski, Mike Taylor, and Dennis Mason

Kirk's Narrative

Basically, we started at 4am at Wild Horse Powersports in pouring rain, windgusts, and temperature around 48 degrees.  Mike took the lead, and in reliable fashion had each of our stops and destination written and sealed from the elements on his tank bag.  Our first stop at 126 miles was right at 6am, still raining, but a little improvement with daylight and at 49 degrees.  By the second stop, in Pennsylvania, the rain had pretty much stopped, temps were improving, but the wind seemed to be picking up.  Once we entered Virginia, wow, the wind gust warning on my phone was accurate, stating 50 mph wind gusts.  You could see all three of us veering to the left as the wind gusts hit us from the west.  However, the significant warm-up in temps, now at the low 70’s, just made it easier to dry out and feel like we were making good time.  At the last gas/food/rest stop in Virginia, we ended up at the same station as a much larger Indian Motorcycle group, so we crossed six lanes of traffic to get to the gas station on the other side.  Sounded like the beginning of a good joke in there, but in true southern hospitality, drivers did stop to let us get across.  After we left Virginia by way of route 77 over the Blue Ridge Mountains, we could see Pilot Mountain in the distance, an interesting view that always reminds me of Devil’s Tower, but overgrown with a forest instead of in the northern plains.


We of course ended up in rush hour traffic in Winston-Salem at 5pm, so if we weren’t warmed up by then, well we had no excuses now.  With a few hours of daylight left, we made a final stop in NC, then crossed into SC just before sunset.  Our ride’s final stop for gas was in Florence SC, and we made it to our destination at American Biker of Charleston just after 10pm.  I recorded 1,052 miles for the trip in 18 hours.  We made excellent time, hit all the stops, and I learned to really dig deep into the actual gps route, since the details matter!


The next day, it was as if we were denied breakfast.  The hotel had brown bag creations, the McDonald’s next door was drive-thru only, so we walked over to the Waffle House.  Success at last, as we took them to go and ate by the hotel pool. Later, we hung out at the dealership, had some great Greek food and listened to all the raffles and prizes.  We received our t-shirt for participation J, the certificate for completion, were treated to a 90 mile coastline harbor tour, then found a happening Irish pub with outstanding food. 


We set out the next day for Maggie Valley NC, home of the ‘Wheels Through Time’ museum.  If you are an HD person, it was the place for you.  There were a number of Indian Motorcycle displays, but nothing earth shattering.  We then headed north by going through Tennessee and into Virginia.  The final day, well, we started in rain, and eventually this ended in Binghamton, so we were once again able to dry out by the time we reached our destinations, HOME!


In total we travelled through 7 states, 2,332 miles for me, Dennis up to 2,380, and I believe Mike turned over 50,000 miles on his Indian Vintage during the trip.

Mike's Addition

I will add the dealership and IMRG guys at American Biker were fantastic. They treated us like family, really great people. Yes I did turn over 50,000 miles on this trip.